Our Church

Eastern Hills Anglicans is one of the older parishes within the Diocese of Brisbane having been established originally as two parishes - in 1924 (Norman Park) and 1926 (Camp Hill). In 1990 the two parishes were combined to become the Parish of Camp Hill with Norman Park. In 2007 the name was changed to Eastern Hills Anglicans and has modified the services to meet the needs of the community. Serving the eastern suburbs of Brisbane south of the river, Eastern Hills Anglicans offers a relaxed, family oriented, modern style of service every Sunday at Camp Hill.

Eastern Hills Anglicans are a welcoming community of devoted Anglicans who are actively seeking new ways of worship that are relevant to the needs of the community today. The traditional approach is still very strong in the services and the church is dedicated to modernising the services and ministry to provide a connection to God for those in the community who are new to the Christian Faith. It is a growing community of devoted Christians who seek the peace and comfort that comes from a deep relationship with God and Jesus.

We, CSI Congregation of Brisbane is indebted to The Right Reverend Alison Taylor (Bishop of the Southern Region), Rev. Martyn Hope and all members of Eastern Hills Anglican Church, for providing necessary infrastructure of present church. Therefore with high sense of gratitude and respect we extent our prayerful support to Eastern Hills Anglican Church and we anticipate this acquaintance will strengthen further in Lord Jesus Christ. Also the support and guidance provided by Bishop Rt Rev Jeoff Smith and Rev. Ron Paschke in the previous years were invaluable.

There are not enough words to describe how precious pastors are. God has given us pastors to see to it that we are taken care of spiritually. God has entrusted each pastor to his own flock and we have to say it is such a privilege to be under Rev. Martyn Hope's care. A big thank you for Rev. Martyn Hope from the depths of our hearts for extending his support and guidance for this noble course, to help us to assemble in this church and also for his wholehearted support in all our church activities.

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